Strategic Financial Management Solutions

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Project Financing / Non- Recourse Loans

   Step Up Investment Limited offers Non-Recourse loans for various Project Financing with (90%{LTV} up to 95%{LTV}) through our strategic financial management solutions such as monetizing Collateral Transfer Facilities like the  (BG),(SBLC), from top AA rated Bank, or an bank depending on our clients request. Our podium is available and opened to every individual and corporate entities seeking funds to invest in a beneficial business project or looking to raise capital.

    We raise funds ranging from 1 Million to 1 Billion USD/EURO/YEN and above, backed by our strong resource capability to trade and transact business over the years. 

   This program allows candidates and customers  alike to generate investment funds, which  are critical funding solutions that can be used for project funding, financing trade,  constructions & real estate investment, credit enhancement and all range of project funding internationally.The most outstanding part of this offer is that our program is strategical for solving financial structures by creating ways that empowers us to speed up the issuance of the Collateral Transfer Facilities (BG/SBLC) on behalf of those candidate who do not have the instrument to secure loans, this way our company secures both the BG/SBLC (Collateral) and loans amount for you. Our BG/SBLC can be monetized to Secure Credit Lines or import collateral for loans to raise quick business capital, borrow large funds, muscle investment position, and restructure for all kinds of import / export trade, commodity trading and others.

    Our close workable relationship with our financial management team, has helped us and our clients to show real commitment in assisting with key corporations, by increasing profit,acquisition of investments and restructuring master plans and objectives.

Structured/ Corporate Financing

     In order to restructure your companies finances, lowering debt repayment is essential for critical  administration funding solutions . You have to become  leaner, a penurious business machine; creating  faster, effective, tougher and navigating competitive environments.
    Restructuring doesn’t mean stiff -necked investment, job losses or a ‘stretch in dollar’. In contrary, it often paves a way to becoming leaner and tougher in preparation to attract outside investors, updating to  global market  and becoming highly profitable.

    Easy restructuring can also be seen as a financial dust down, clearing the inefficiency within the corporation and cutting down backlogs in finances. As  corporations grow and acquire assets, it increases grounds for market placement, it is essential to review corporate structuring. For a faster growth, corporations go through rough times and tighten its operations, a regular view by its executives at mild-restructuring is essential in maintain efficiency and profitability, creating  maximum turnovers, profits, assets and  capital investments.

    Restructuring can take any shape. This is were our strategic management  financial solutions comes into affect, by addressing companies  co-existing lending structures, and our attempt at helping corporations  lower or offset financial backlogs , or for refinancing to obtain longer and more competitive re-payment plans. We also address the issues management have in collateral lending and restructuring of assets to increase the corporations wealth, health and gain attractive investment.
 Also restructuring on a huge, more intense scale, would result in the offsetting or avoidance of  tax obligations and short-term debt into longer term debt obligations.

    Preparing for a major investment ? A loan application or IPO, is a great view at restructuring.
for effective restructuring, it is important to have a complete knowledge of the benefits in international jurisdictions and law, tax efficiencies, corporate capital enhancement options and myriad financial issues.

    At Step Up Investment Limited once invited to learn more about your corporation, we can provide extensive research, offer comprehensive advice on numerous strategic financial solutions such as;

*  Counterpoise all immediate liabilities, tied to the corporation. 

* Extending  further investments and loans to boost trade positions or increase corporations market value. 

* Obliterate tax liabilities, restructure your business for sale on the market and give both investors and shareholders a fighting chance and earn more profit. 

* Increase profit, enhance partnership and business trust.

      All inquiries are welcomed from various types and sizes of corporations and entities. Step Up Investment Limited is pleased to hear from you contact us , lets see how we can be of use.

Collateral Lending

   When corporations have already used available cash or does not have access to tight securities, options of lending are drastically decreased, allowing for bankers and lenders alike to demand securities for any loans or investment.

    Also this could be a burden to shareholders when approached to raise further funds and the options of bond offerings and PP (Private placement) may also be inquired. In essence, these avenues are not always a proficient course of action for economical growth. The long drawn-out processes, won’t create business ideas for corporations to raise funds and time to launch complex financial actions.

    Fund raising against varied portfolios can be a demanding process. Most portfolios of assets are usually unconventional (i.e. real estate, liquid stocks, tangible assets), conventional bankers will hesitate to offer loans.We go through extensive partnerships and alliance with private and institutional investors, Step Up Investment limited is able and reliable to offer facilities against unconventional portfolios which include junk bonds, offshore bank notes, contested LC’s, debt responsibility and low-rate bonds. More-so  we offer supply contracts, rights and licenses can also be used to increase finance. Portfolios such as artworks, antiques and collections (exotics,stamps, motor vehicles and heavy machinery) are included.

    At every competitive rates, tapping equity for exotic assets and tapping unused capital elements for investment can equally be accommodated for both short and mid-term lending. Such portfolio assets are good to use in various collateral management programs to create subsistence and stable income with little or no risk, thereby maximizing potential earnings of any portfolio or asset base.

    To see how we can optimize such portfolio for maximum gain, kindly contact us our pro-efficient agents will be available to advise you on how we can raise money on an annual income against your portfolio and investment base.

Health-Care Funding

      Health-care loans can be used to refinance existing medical debt or to pay for exigency or  schedule procedures. At Step Up Investment Limited you can get your health-care loans or discuss with us to find out ways we can serve your  medical expenses.

     Health-care loans, which are “unsecured personal loans”, applied towards medical expenses, can be used to consolidate existing medical debt, cover exigencies or planned medical procedures like administrative cost,plastic surgery,pharmacological expenses, root canals, health-care insurance, medical equipment or pay for high deductibles and out-of-network charges. Choosing an health-care loan that allows you to control your medical costs, on a payment schedule is the right step in helping you pay for medical expenses and excluding the stress of worrying about collections or struggling to pay off procedures in one shot.

    Health-care loans is the most expensive way to cover your medical costs. Step Up investment limited eliminates credit qualifications, enable our clients to negotiate rates, cover credit health insurance and offer acceptable medical cost, purchase medical equipment  and give extensions of up to 6 months on surgery performed.

    You can help us serve you better by telling us what your plan is and how we can fit into your schedule by contacting us… Remember health is wealth.

Equipment Financing

     Equipment financing is a loan used to purchase industry related equipment, such as a heavy-machinery, assembling plants, food processing plants and agricultural tools. Equipment loans provide for a periodic payments that include interest and principal over a fixed term. As security for a loan, the lenders may require a lien on the equipment as backed collateral against your debt. Once the loans are paid in full, you own the equipment free of any lien.

     The structure of an equipment loan may also impose a lien upon additional business assets or require a personal guarantee form most borrowers. Failure to pay your loan may result in the repossession of your business assets or your personal assets—in the case of a personal guarantee. A careful review of the loan terms is vital to understanding your risk.

     Our procedure for acquiring such loans are bent on the firms/companies assertion, that such loans would be covered with a period specified on our CIP forms & DOA. Our financial backing of any equipment funding, our clients wish to apply from is 1 Million – 1 Billion USD, all loan applicant must be able to provide meaningful documentations, to show capabilities in paying back such loans.

   We are here to serve you, give us a call on the numbers provided or you can send us an email, our clients are always welcomed..

Credit Enhancements

    Credit Enhancement can take different shapes and sizes, all depends on the clients requesting such funds. Overall, it may be an insurance strategy or conditions of financial guarantors, that is underwritten by an insurer who specializes in financial risk.  In other to under-prop such bond, banks may often issue a Letter of Credit or other forms of Demand Guarantee. 

    Credit Enhancement structure could ultimately be a deciding factor of whether a potential investor will agree to purchase the bonds or not. Most importantly, how safe would the end credit be ?  if the  such bonds are backed by a rated and known insurer or bank, then investment risk in purchasing the bonds is smaller than having no credit enhancement at all and relying on issuers strength alone.
It is important to find a correct Credit Enhancement for the bond and ensure that it suites the structure of the bond. Ultimately, there are few factors that will influence the method to employ. Firstly, costs: Insurance Guarantee’s are usually expensive for young start-ups as the issuer compared to perhaps bank undertakings. Secondly, rates required for the bond: To achieve an investment grade rating becomes attractive to purchasers, it is important to ensure that the Credit Enhancement carrier is of suitable weight, ranking and stature. Also the more compound the enhancement, the more cost effective it would be.

  Managing and issuing bonds are  intricate financial process that calls for professional understanding in aligning all parties to best serve the issuer. Step Up Investment Limited, will deliver all requirements to the Issuer and see through the process of issuing the bond. We take your offerings to the market place and ensure that your bond issue gets a favorable response to raise your corporations financial requirements.

    In discussing the complexities of undertaking a bond issue and to discuss the benefits that it may hold for your finances, please contact us in confidence where our professional team will be pleased to advise and offer the adequate consultations.

    If you ponder on Bond Issue, or indeed any other type of debt obligation issue and are searching for a reliable Credit Enhancement partner to under-prop the obligations and of course to minimize costs, kindly contact us and let our experienced partners assist you and provide the best options for you to choose from.