About Us

Step Up Investment Limited...

      Step Up investment Limited is a financial investment management service company, that delivers, high quality resourcefulness, skilled innovation on financial services, total dedication to financial restructuring and eliminating investment breakdown, We also embark on thorough research, creating ways to assist our customers attain it’s financial goals.

      Our integrity, genuine service,teamwork and professional approach is geared at meeting customers needs. We are situated in Hong Kong and have been operational for more than 12 years, we are known to invest our time and resources to  creating wealth  for public and private entities.

     We offer loans to companies, corporate organizations, small/medium scale businesses, financial institutions and government entities seeking our financial services. Our business analyst are prompt at handling financial breakdown and committed to delivering you with the best service. Our focus is on extending trade profit, stabilizing investments, capital enhancement, adding to economic growth and increasing productivity. We have a wide range of funding policies to suit our clients needs. 

    You can explore our  low annual percentage rates (LTV), reduction in  fees for lending, monetized financial instruments, increase credit lines and credit enhancements  to keep your projects updated. We also provide capital restructuring to uplift business capital. 

    It is in our business nature to bolster good relationships with both TOP AA financial institutions , corporate organizations, government entities, private and public investors, by creating a level playing ground to transact business, elevate credit facilities, secure funds for maximizing profit and project high profit- making compatibility’s for our clients.

     If you are looking to raise and render loans such as Bank Guarantees (BG), Stand By Letter Of Credit (SBLC), Letters Of Credit (LC), Credit Lines (CL), Credit Enhancements, Proof of Funds (POF), Mid Term Notes (MTN), Long Term Notes (LTN) we are your one stop avenue. We also facilitate loans from car, mortgage/real estate, project financing/ corporate restructuring, student, health-care, issuance of bond/securities, capital start-up, aviation, gold and precious metals, fossil fuel, personal to information communication technology (ICT).

    We implore you to explore our carefully researched lending protocols to help you raise that personal, business or corporate funding you desire. Therefore we ensure that information, to support our clients  in requesting  funds are made quick and easy to access through our SWIFT capabilities.  Take a step into our  financial investment management  service company.


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