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    Worried about securing a quick and easy business loans for your cooperation, personal needs  or  increase in funds with low interest rates and Zero Collateral ?  Think Less !

     STEP UP INVESTMENT LIMITED is a global financial  investment management company, that delivers 100% assistance on online  business loans for your financial  needs and proffering solutions to funding. 

   We provide a carefully planned knowledge to financing, project funding, trade capital,  investments  start up and financial loans.

    We trade and consult for top AA banks, providing that quality service you need for quick loans and project/business financing.


Our Vision

    We are on a course to deliver, high quality resourcefulness, skilled innovation on financial services, total dedication to financial restructuring and eliminating investment breakdown.


Our Mission

     We embark on thorough research, creating ways to assist our customers attain it’s financial goals. 

   Our integrity, genuine service,teamwork and professional approach is geared at meeting customers needs.

Our Services
Financial Instruments

    STEP UP INVESTMENT LIMITED offers reliable loan services to help you stay ahead and keep you on time with payments. Our services all vary from :

  • Bank Guarantee Funding (BG).
  • Monetizing Instruments {BG,SBLC,Bank Draft,MTN,LTN}.
  • Letter Of Credit.
  • Renewable Leased Bank Instruments.
  • Fast Loan Procurement.

    Our rates are negotiable, trade with us and get the best service on any bank instruments you request. Let’s help you stay on top your finances and ahead of your competitors. 

Financial Solutions

     Step into our financial qualified loan experts. Our global lending offer is designed to reach your financial needs, by providing ;

  • Project Financing/ Non-Recourse Loans : Provides credit facilities to individuals, corporations, private and public partnership. 
  •  Structured/Corporate Financing : Helps float revenues for investments and business to stay ahead.
  • Collateral Lending :  Is geared to help you through financial difficulty and eliminates huge borrowing fees.
  • Health-Care Funding :  Medical cost, plastic surgery, medical equipment, credit health insurance. 
  • Equipment Financing : Check out our equipment financing from heavy machinery, to assembling plants.  
  • Credit Enhancements :  We service a wide range of industries, manufacturer, wholesalers and the retail markets.

    We are mapped out world wide to enhance your trade, capital and have your investment  at market value.

Our Blueprint

    STEP UP INVESTMENT LIMITED is a world leading financier, recording success in every aspect of financial trade and capital. 

   Our experience span from over 12 years of doing business with customers and are committed to servicing you with no delay. It is our goal to meet the money market and expand our global out reach to small and medium scale enterprises, government and corporations. 

    We have surpassed global standardization in transacting business and meeting the regulatory bodies requirements on trade, capital and loans. With our customers feedback, we constantly approach financial research and successfully create networks of financial policies and awareness, to the way the financial world operates today.

Step Up Investment Limited...

Step Up Investment Limited
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    As a world wide financial consultant, having a lot of client requesting business/commercial finance was difficult to get. Last two years, a business associate introduced us to a reliable finance company,Step Up Investment Limited, we contacted them with a client that need a commercial loan of 50 Million USD and after meeting their credit requirement the deal was successfully closed. They are really the best to work with and it's delivery is on time. Recently they helped our foreign based client in Vietnam close a huge project deal in 2 weeks. That was really fast and highly commendable. Be careful of outfits that charge upfront fee, and can’t deliver.

Sylvester Atkinson Poles
Sylvester Atkinson Poles
Cater Finanace, Financial Director

    Step Up Investment Limited is by far one of the commercial lenders to do transact with. We have been originating loans with them for over 4 years and find their business financing process to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to close loans for our commercial borrowers. Step Up Investment ltd takes it's time to understand a borrower’s needs, where banks have disappointed . They will continue to be one of our top lenders to do business with.

“We recently closed a large business deal with Step Up Investment Limited and was amazed at the speed and ease of the transaction. The process went far more smoothly than what I anticipate from a typical commercial lender.”

Cherry Li Xiao
Cherry Li Xiao
Blue Atom Group, Vice President

Thank you Step Up Investment Limited, we are grateful for your brilliant way in funding our new ultra modern hospital, we set out a target of 60 million dollars, which we got at a reasonable rate, swift crediting of account and careful consultation. You the best..

Jamie Mc Cormick
Jamie McCormick
Lintels Affairs, C.F.O

Our  financial team  provides Bank Loan For Private Limited Company, individuals, across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. 

   We are dedicated to enhancing long term relationships with our borrowers, brokers, and investors, and offer a range of products to meet your financial needs, by providing long-lasting financial solutions that help Industries thrive and grow.